The captain, Art, and Rachel, CEO, chef, and hostess, are both the owner of the motor yacht PARADISART, not a hired crew! Art has been cruising the Caribbean for more than 30 years, and together with Rachel, they have been cruising the Caribbean for the last 15 years and have home-base in both St. Vincent & the Grenadines and in the last 5 years in Grenada.

Captain Art

Art is a successful businessman, with over 40 years in the boating industry, including boat building, sailing, commercial fishing, and navigating the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Caribbean Sea. However, his real passion has always been navigating. He has over 30 years’ experience navigating the Caribbean islands. Currently, at the peak of his physical, mental, and spiritual state, he is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with you. This charismatic and energetic gentleman is well known among the locals, and much appreciated by all of them.

Chef/Hostess Rachel

Rachel is the CEO at Caribbean Affordable Charter and also your chef/hostess. Rachel’ cuisine type is meditarrean/Caribbean fusion using fresh, healthy and local produces! She is also an entrepreneur at heart and a passionate scientist and practitioner with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology. She taught various courses in psychology at two Canadian universities. She offered consulting services in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as an independent consultant. She also worked with the Canadian federal public sector as a Senior Psychometric Assessments Consultant and a Project Manager and as a Researcher and an Organizational Development Consultant. She was also a Mental Health Counselor. She has a certificate as a professional coach. Finally, she is fluent in three languages (French, English, and Spanish).

Seared Mahi Mahi on a salad bed
Fish in lime creamy sauce
Grilled Lobster prepared on the beach at Tobago Cays
Motor Yacht Private Charter
Bahamian Crack Conch and honey lime coleslaw!

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Together, let’s make your dream vacation become a reality! So please contact us. Sincerely, Rachel and Art!