We offer two unique and exciting exclusive yacht charter memberships, the cabin yacht charter membership and the private yacht charter membership. Every year, our motor yacht will be cruising to several Caribbean islands spending a minimum of 1 month or more in each destination. Thus, providing more flexibility and options to our members as boarding/departing the yacht will be feasible from several Caribbean islands. As a member, you will have access to the yacht yearly itinerary so that you can plan your vacation based on the destination you like to visit and the period of the year when you will be traveling.

Cabin Yacht Charter Membership

With our cabin yacht charter membership, you have the opportunity to share the cost of a private yacht charter with a community of members.

Private Yacht Charter Membership

With our private yacht charter elite membership, you become among a few elite members with priority access to the entire motor yacht and way more freedom on your itinerary and lots of advantages and perks. This is like being the owner but without the worries and you get to invite up to 4 of your guests. 

Possibility of boarding from different Caribbean islands

Boarding/Leaving from Grenada, Cariaccou and The Grenadines
Boarding from St. Vincent, Bequia and leaving from St. Lucia
Boarding/leaving from Martinique and/or leaving from Dominica
Boarding/Leaving from Antigua and Barbuda
Boarding/Leaving from Guadeloupe, Marie-Gallante and Les Saintes

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