Who is Captain Art?

When you meet Captain Art for the first time, he will proudly tell you about his Acadian origins. I am an Acadian, he will tell you loudly. Knowledgeable about his history and ancestors, he will tell you enthusiastically all about it with his charming chiac (Acadian) French accent.

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Father of 3 beautiful girls and a granddaughter, he lived most of his life in New-Brunswick, Canada, in a small fisherman village called Cocagne. With his natural charismatic leadership, he became a very successful businessman, and was greatly involved in the community and in the municipal politic. His great passion was building fiberglass boats, and he did so for many years. Even though he was happy with his life, he always dreamed of living on a boat in the sun. He used to say he wanted to become a professional beach bum. Now, he says proudly, I am one.


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One day, from his waterfront house, he noticed a big sailboat stuck on a Cocagne island sand bar, quickly, he went-over to help. To his surprise, he met a Caribbean crew, more particularly the Hazel brothers from Bequia, who were sailing in the region for the first time. Captain Art became friends with them, invited them to his house, and showed them around. Eventually, for the first time, 35 years ago, he flew to the Caribbean to visit his Bequian friends. From then on, Bequia became Captain Art’s dream island. He knew then and there exactly where he would go when ready to live on his boat. Bequia became his dream destination! In the meantime, at every possible opportunity, he would fly to Bequia to visit his friends, whom he considered his Bequian family! He became known by all the locals in Bequia and he is very well like.

Nicholas Hazel from Bequia with Art

 art with local friend guitar

In 1994, Jonalisa, a 60′ trawler named after his 3 daughters, Jolyne, Nathalie and Lisa, was lauched in Cocagne. This was the last boat designed and constructed by Captain Art. This spacious trawler was the perfect live-aboard trawler designed for the Caribbean. Captain Art’s dream was finally coming true! He left in December of that year, in the cold Atlantic weather, breaking ice in Cocagne Bay headed for Bequia. From the wharf, his family and friends, with mixed feelings of joy to finally see Captain Art attaining his dream, but of sadness, not knowing when they would see him again, waved to him until he disappeared in the horizon.

The weather was icy cold, and the crew had to keep breaking the ice which was forming on the boat, until, finally, they reached warmer weather, several days later. In South Carolina, so excited to finally feel the heat, Captain Art wripped his t-shirt off!! Since then, he has been enjoying being bare chested..a habit that irritates his long-time partner Rachel.

Captain Art has since navigated most of the Caribbean islands. Currently, at the peak of his physical, mental, and spiritual health, Captain Art is busy taking care of Paradisart, a 47′ trawler, and still continuing to enjoy the Caribbean islands. He plans to do so for many years to come!!

We love you Captain Art!

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  1. Capt Art,,
    You are one of the kind,,not to many capt., liked you have the experience of life has to offer,,would loved to go for a week,just to be with You and Yours,,I am sure it would be a real experience of a lifetime,that would stay with me for the rest of my life,,You are a truly a man I enjoy to talk with.You make me laugh,,which,,would really be worth it,again,Capt Art,,,truly one of the can,,a joy and fun to be with,,will see ,what ,I can do,,,
    Your truly
    Val J Robichaud
    Note: The best to You & Rachel

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