A Captain-Only Crewed Yacht Charter Typical Day

A typical day during our captain-only crewed yacht charter 

•Your luxurious private yacht, Art, your captain, and Rachel, your hostess, are awaiting your arrival and that of your guests and have worked out all the details to ensure your comfort and to make this an unforgettable vacation. 
•You wake up on the calm turquoise water and under the warm sun. 
•You may decide to jump in the sea for a refreshing swim, or just sit and enjoy your coffee on deck. 
•After a delicious breakfast, you may want to just hang out on the yacht, listen to music, do some fishing, explore the island, or get the Captain to bring you to a completely deserted area, the choice is yours. 
•After lunch, you may want to snorkel at a nearby reef. You might then feel like napping, or grabbing a good book to enjoy in the shade on the fly bridge. 
•If you are cruising, you may feel like taking pictures of a pod of dolphins you just sited along the way, or reaching another secluded beautiful bay or island, your anchorage for the night or as long as you wish-it’s yours to discover! 
•If you choose to dine on-board, using from our Daily Menu and Bar Menu instead of cooking yourself or going-out to a nearby restaurant, imagine yourself at sunset, with a beverage in hand and the tantalizing aroma coming from the galley as you relax and watch the sun slowly sinking on the horizon. 
•After a fine three course culinary experience, you sip your favorite after dinner drink and sit on the aft deck, or you gaze at the millions of stars from the bow or on the upper deck of your luxury yacht. 
•The sky is clear and the stars are so bright, and they seem close enough to touch; the breeze is warm yet refreshing. 
•You are relaxed, happy, and you are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful evening. When you are ready, you make your way to your stateroom, surprised to see that all that fresh air, exercise and good food have you ready for bed by ten o’clock. 
•For the party crowd, on the other hand, it’s time to head to shore to sample the local nightlife. Dance the night away, probably barefoot in the sand! You are having a great time and meeting all kinds of different and interesting people! 
•The next day, you wake up and do it all over again!