Rachel’s Galley


In her last seven years living and cruising in different parts of the Caribbean on-board her trawler, Rachel has been learning and experimenting with the local fresh products. Everywhere she goes, she is always interested about local food and tries the local dishes, enjoys shopping at the local markets and talking with the people she meets about recipes ideas using the local products. Then, in her galley, she tries these local recipes ideas and very often adds her own twist to them. Hence, she proudly says that her cooking style is a sort of a Caribbean Fusion Cuisine that emphasis the usage of fresh local products.


Rachel especially enjoys cooking fresh seafood and fish dishes so while on board, don’t be surprise to see the captain or her negotiating with the local fisherman who stop by to sell their fresh catch of the day.


She is also very passionate about cooking an healthy homemade cuisine. She does almost everything from scratch using many different tropical fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, fish and a variety of local herbs and spices to create her Caribbean Fusion Cuisine. She also particularly loves baking bread and enjoys trying different types of dough recipes such as her famous fresh wraps and pizzas and always tries to come up with creative tropical desserts ideas.

Most of all, Rachel’s galley and style can be described simply with one word, that is the word FUN!!! The best moments and parties while on-board will most than likely be happening around the kitchen and surely involving a lot of good food! Hope you like salsa and reggae because Rachel does especially when she is cooking! And, if you do like cooking too, well, you will always be able to play a part in Rachel’ Galley!